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OEM & Private Labeling

Private Label / OEM
All of your existing products can be private labeled with your company detail on the package. We are oofering private labelling on food suppliments, herbal produsts, Organic products. We can plain label them for you to apply your own labels or we can print and label them as you require. Just provide us with your company logo and how you want the label to appear and we will do the rest. This includes pad printing on existing products, custom packaging and finished product labeling.

In this manner, you can build your company profile with our customers and build your brand. We can also insert custom inserts or datasheets inside each product. Just provide them and we will insert them as you require.

If interested, we can work together to design, mold, and manufacture a new product with you. Amazing Enterprises engineering and design staff will guide you through the process from design, molding, sampling, assembly, automation, and production. Also, it may be cut costs, reduce lead-times, and improve product quality with your own mold.

Amazing Enterprises not only will design and mold your plastic device, but Amazing Enterprises can also provide secondary assembly and packaging operations. Therefore, all your manufacturing work can be consolidated into one supplier. Amazing Enterprises can provide a full service solution so that you can focus your attention on R&D and Sales and Marketing of your products. Based on your requirements, our team can design and manufacture custom devices for nearly any application.

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