Contract Farming

When it comes to resources India is the richest country. Many trees and medicinal plants can be found all over the country. Many of these are grown naturally in the wild, as India is also much diversified according to its geographical regions the same species plants grown in different regions have also differed in the values. If we source from such places then the quality of finished goods keeps varying, which leads to a decrease in consistency and also does not give the minimum expected quality. Sourcing from such places leads to depletion of these valuable resources, and this causes a change in its prices.

So to avoid these circumstances we have collaborated with the local farmers who can grow the trees, plants & herbs of your requirement according to the contract basis. This way you can control each and every aspect of the plant grown, such as its quality, its purity, its availability, also its price, etc. You can plan each and everything according to your need and need not worry about the future.

By doing so along with you even the farmers are benefitted as they get loyal customers. One of the highest fear all the farmers face is that of their grown crops getting wasted. By doing contract farming they feel secure as they know by the end of the contract all their hard work is going to pay. In India many farmers do not utilize 100% of their land available for farming, there are many reasons for this such as lack of funds, not able to predict future needs, not knowing the methods to grow certain plants in a specific way. So when we collaborate with them we make sure all of their resources are utilized so that even the fell satisfied also our experts provide a helping hand by teaching them all the means of modern farming, and solving all the problems they face in crop cultivation.

Contract farming is in very much need in today’s fast-growing world as by this both the farmers and vendors are directly connected and benefitted from each other. So farmers and vendors please join hands with us and be a part of this revolution.

Benefits for Farmer is they collaborate with us-

  • Full security of the crops grown by you
  • We provide you with new technology
  • We enable farmers to learn new skills
  • Price risk is removed as contracts specify prices in advance
  • Open up new markets which would otherwise be unavailable

Benefits for Vendors if they collaborate with us-

  • Production is more reliable than open-market purchases
  • Less risk by not being responsible for the production
  • More consistent quality
  • No outside indulgence
  • You know all details about its production as you have planned it

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