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Pure Neem Oil Emulsified 300 PPM

Product Description

Product description
Our Neem Oil is a 100% pure, natural, cold-pressed product made by crushing neem seeds and filtering the extract. It contains a wide range of beneficial components, the most important of which is Azadirachtin.

The liquid soap is added as an emulsifier to allow the oil to stick to the plant especially its leaves. Mix this well and spray weekly as a preventive. In case of existing pest problems spray every day or on alternate days until the pest disappears. Neem oil is best used in the early morning or evening – avoid using in hot weather / full sunlight. Spray on the plants including the undersides of the leaves. Our neem oil is effective against Aphids, Leaf Hoppers, Mealy Bugs, Mites, White Fly, Thrips, Stem Borer, Fruit Borer, Capsule Borer, Caterpillars, etc.

DOMESTIC APPLICATIONS : To use to swab floors, add 2 tablespoons (30 ml) to 1 bucket (15-20 litres) water and swab / mop. To use as a mosquito repellent, rub neem oil generously on any mild incense stick (agarbatties) and burn.

  • 100% Pure, Natural, Cold-Pressed Neem Oil with 300 ppm Azadirachtin
  • Works well when used as recommended on a wide range of sucking and chewing pests and with every plant / crop. Fully biodegradable and safe for beneficial organisms including earthworms, spiders and ladybirds
  • Can also be used for domestic purposes such as swabbing floors and as a mosquito repellent